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Enterprise grade SaaS manufacturing operations management system

Rocketflow gives growing companies real-time workflow lists for every department in the process flow. Rocketflow will give you systematic support for Lean Manufacturing initiatives, Six Sigma programs, and ISO 9001 Compliance. Commitments made to your customers are tracked, task by task, until they are successfully completed, and can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

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Learn: Recommended Reading

Lean is famously “practice not theory” but there are several books that are excellent reading to give some background.

Toyota Kata : Mike Rother
The Goal : A Process of Ongoing Improvement. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
All I Need to Know About Manufacturing I Learned in Joe's Garage: World Class Manufacturing Made Simple : William B Miller
Out of the Crisis : W Edwards Deming
How To Implement Lean Manufacturing : Lonnie Wilson

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The Company


Tim Diggins, CTO

Tim has 20 years’ experience as a lead developer, CTO and consultant on technical development. He has worked on software development for corporates, small companies, and startups. Research at Xerox Labs, running a digital agency with a long -running interest in workflow and process development. He is experienced in leading small software teams to develop robust technology with user-focused design.


Tony Hocking, CMO

Tony has extensive experience at Board Level, as Product Manager and M & A experience at General Electric Aircraft Engines (GE). Prior to this as Development Director of joint venture company with Emerson Electric, Agfa Gevaert. Focus on growth of early stage concepts and development of Management teams. Currently Co-owner/Director of four rapidly growing companies in Ben Whistler, Chapel Street, Whistler Leather and Bespoke Cycling.


Sebastian de Groot, CEO

Sebastian has significant experience growing and scaling businesses in the Manufacturing sector. After his MBA at INSEAD in 97, he joined PWC in corporate finance. Sebastian co-founded Ben Whistler, Whistler Leather and more recently Chapel St and Fitzroi. Sebastian has mapped and implemented new Manufacturing facilities both in the UK and in Eastern Europe, using Theory of Constraints ( Goldratt) and Toyota Kata Lean principles.